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The Bohemian Girl

Compositor: Balfe Michael

Arias (partituras para voz y piano):

Arline (Soprano)

Come with the Gipsy brideI dreamt that I dwelt in marble hallsOh, what full delight

Florestein (Tenor)

Is no succor near at hand?

Thaddeus (Tenor)

Then you'll remember meTis sad to leave our FatherlandWhen the fair land of Poland

Partitura vocal

"The Bohemian Girl" PDF 6Mb "The Bohemian Girl" PDF 11Mb "The Bohemian Girl" PDF 13Mb "The Bohemian Girl" PDF 15Mb "The Bohemian Girl" PDF 15Mb "The Bohemian Girl" PDF 16Mb "The Bohemian Girl" PDF 17Mb
Then You'll Remember Me PDF 0MbWhat is the Spell hath yet effaced PDF 1MbFrom the Valleys and Hills PDF 0MbCome with the Gipsy Bride (chorus) PDF 0MbHappy and Light of Heart PDF 1MbSilence, The Lady Moon PDF 1MbCome with the Gipsy Bride (Arline) PDF 0MbThrough the World Wilt Thou Fly, Love! PDF 1Mb'Tis Sad to Leave Our Fatherland PDF 0MbSong of the Gipsy Bride PDF 0Mb'Tis Sad to Leave Our Fatherland PDF 0MbI Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls PDF 9Mb
voices, chorus, orchestra
Arline, daughter of Count Arnheim (soprano)
Thaddeus, a Polish fugitive (tenor)
Count Arnheim (baritone)
Queen of the Gypsies (alto)
Devilshoof, chief of the gypsies (bass)
Florestein, nephew of the Count (tenor)
Buda, Arline's attendant (soprano)
Captain of the Guard (bass)
Officer (tenor)
First Gypsy
Second Gypsy
Mixed Chorus
piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, bassethorn, 2 bassoons
4 horns, 2 cornets, 2 trombones, ophicleide
timpani, side drum, bass drum, 2 tambourines, cymbals, strings