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Beatriz y Benedicto

Compositor: Berlioz Hector

Arias (partituras para voz y piano):

Béatrice (Mezzo)

Il m'en souvient

Bénédict (Tenor)

Ah! je vais l'aimer

Héro (Soprano)

Je vais le voir

Somarone (Bajo)

Le vin de Syracuse

Partitura vocal

"Beatriz y Benedicto" PDF 13Mb

Partituras de orquesta

"Beatriz y Benedicto" PDF 5Mb "Beatriz y Benedicto" PDF 7Mb "Beatriz y Benedicto" PDF 13Mb "Beatriz y Benedicto" PDF 56Mb
Overture PDF 3MbOverture. PDF 2Mb
voices, chorus, orchestra
Don Pédro, General of the Sicilian army (bass)
Claudio, aide-de-camp to the General, (baritone)
Bénédict, Sicilian officer and friend of Claudio, (tenor)
Somarone, director of music (bass)
Héro, daughter of Léonato, (soprano)
Béatrice, niece of Léonato (soprano)
Ursule, lady-in-waiting to Hero (mezzo-soprano)
A messenger (speaking role)
A notary (speaking role)
Two servants (speaking roles)
Léonato, Governor of Messina (speaking role)
Mixed Chorus (SATTBB)
Musicians, Choristers, Sicilian people,
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Governor’s Court
2 flutes (2nd also piccolo), 2 oboes (2nd also English horn), 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons
4 horns, 2 trumpets, cornet, 3 trombones
timpani, tambourine, glasses, bass drum, cymbals, guitars, 2 harps, strings