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William Ratcliff

Compositor: Cui César

Arias (partituras para voz y piano):

Douglas (Tenor)

Douglas's Narrative

Lesley (Tenor)

Lesley's Song

MacGregor (Bajo)

MacGregor's Narrative

Margaret (Mezzo)

Margaret's Narrative

Mary (Soprano)

Mary's First RomanzaMary's Second Romanza

William Ratcliff (Barítono)

Ratcliff's Narrative

Partitura vocal

Title page and preliminaries PDF 0MbIntroduction PDF 1MbEntr'acte (to Act III) PDF 0MbAct I, Tableau 1, Scene 1a. Wedding Chorus and Blessing PDF 3MbAct I, Tableau 1, Scene 1b. Mary's Romance and Douglas' Narrative PDF 4MbAct 1, Tableau 1, Scene 2. MacGregor's Narrative PDF 2MbAct I, Tableau 2 (=Scene 3 of Act I) PDF 3MbAct II, Tableau 1, Scene 1. Entr'acte, Dances, and Chorus PDF 1MbAct II, Tableau 1, Scene 2. Scene with the Drunk PDF 1MbAct II, Tableau 1, Scene 3. Lesley's Song PDF 2MbAct II, Tableau 1, Scene 4. Ratcliff's Narrative PDF 4MbAct II, Tableau 2, Scene by the Black Stone PDF 3MbAct III, Scene 1a. Mary's [2nd Romance PDF 3MbAct III, Scene 1b. Margaret's Narrative PDF 3MbAct III, Scene 2. [Love Duet PDF 1MbAct III, Last Scene PDF 3Mb
Voices with Orchestra