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Aria: Kogda bï zhizn domashnim krugom (Onegin's Aria)

Compositor: Chaikovski Piotr Ilich

Ópera: Eugenio Oneguin

Papel: Eugene Onegin (Barítono)

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You wrote to me
Do not deny it, I have read
The confession of an honest soul,
The claim of an innocent love
Your sincerity is dear to me
For it, I shall repay you
By also telling the truth
Straight as it is
So accept this confession
I submit myself to your judgement.

Had I wished to limit my life with a burden of family,
Had I been granted a good fortune to be a father or a husband,
Then, having met you, I would look no further
But I was not created for such indulgences
My soul is not open to them,
Your great qualities are wasted on me
For I am not worthy of them,
Believe me, in all honesty
The marital life would be a torture for you,
No matter how much love I had for you,
The moment it becomes a habit, I would love you no more
Then judge for yourself, then, what kind of roses
Would Hymen have in store for us,
And for how many long days

The dreams and years have fled away, and shall not return,
I love you like a brother, yes a brother,
And, perhaps, somewhat more tenderly than a brother would

So listen to me and have no angst
Many times would a young maiden trade one passing dream
For another one.
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